Safety Obligations

Safety Obligations

Safety is of utmost importance at ATC Employment Solutions (“ATCES”) and we provide training to our employees to ensure a safe working environment for all.  All our employees abide by the Western Australian Occupational Safety and Health Act 1984 or relevant state health and safety obligations.

ATCES ensure safety is an important element of our business and not an afterthought.  Our employees are all inducted by watching a compulsory safety video and completing a safety questionnaire.  Successfully completion of our safety program is required before workers can be hired out.

Safety Obligations to Our Clients

ATCES ensures our employees comply with all health and safety obligations and have the appropriate qualifications, licences, certificate, skills and training. Suitable placement of skilled workers for each of our clients is of the supreme importance.

Where applicable to your needs our workers will undertake drug and alcohol testing and have police clearance which we will organise for you.  After a worker is assigned to your company, you will then be required need to deliver a site specify safety induction on your worksite.

Safety Obligations for Our Workers

At ATCES we ensure all our workers are correctly trained, provided with safety inductions and then placed in safe working environments.  When commencing a new job you will be provided with the relevant site specific safety induction at our clients’ workplace for the new job role that you will be doing.

You are required to provide your own personal protective equipment (PPE), this is essential for you to be able to carry out your job in a safe manner.  Any other PPE necessary for the job will be provided by either ATCES or the company you are hired to.

In the event of an accident, workers must immediately inform their site supervisors and ATCES.  The accident is investigated and workers involved will be treated with fairness.

For more information on ATCES Safety policy see our safety documents below:

ATC Employment Solutions (“ATCES” Employee Safety Induction Questionnaire                                                                             ATC Employment Solutions (“ATCES”) Employee Safety Induction Questionnaire

Employee Safety Manual                                                                                     Employee Safety Induction Questionnaire

Please remember your Duty of Care,
Safety is more than just an important responsibility

Look out for others as well as yourself

1. Spot the Hazard

2. Assess the Risk

3. Make the Changes