Handy Links and Career Information

Handy Links and Career Information

Here are some handy links you might find useful.

Australian Super
Superannuation Fund

Australian Apprenticeships Pathways
Australian Apprenticeships provides a range of information and resources for job seekers, students, employers and careers advisers.

Centrelink is the Government agency that handles payments and services that are available from the Department of Human Services. This sections of the website lists the payments that are available.

Construction Training Fund
The Construction Training Fund supports the training of eligible people in the building and construction industry.

Community Alcohol and Drug Service Team
The St John of God South West Community Alcohol and Drug Service Team is a multi disciplinary team that works with the community providing information, resources, consultation, and education and counselling with confidentiality ensured.

Fair Work Online
Fair Work Online can help you to understand your rights and responsibilities required at work, as well as questions about workplace entitlements. Know your Award

Mental health issues, are usually invisible, but with headspace there are many support service that can help you. Need someone to talk to, life getting too hard, please ask for help.

Job Guide
The Job Guide provides information on roughly 1500 occupations plus it gives you useful information on what occupations might suit you best, this is based on your abilities and interests . The job guide site includes useful tools, links, a job guide, a resume builder and information other about VET studies.

MoneySmart Rookie
A website for young Australians who are entering the workforce for the first time and need guidance on money matters.

My Future
The my future website is aimed students wishing to explore their career options. MyFuture allows you to browse more than 350 career options including help you to discover apprenticeships that will best suit your skills and interests.

My Skills provides students, job seekers and employers with information about training options, vocational education. It also helps you find the training providers that will best meet your needs.

National Centre for Vocational Education Research
Cutting edge research on Vocational Education and Training sector in Australia. (VET)

Tips for Interviews
10 most common job interview questions you should know! And More


Unique Student Identifier (USI)
Information about the Unique Student Identifier (USI) and why it is important for you to have a USI to get a qualification or certificate of attainment.

Workforce Australia
Workforce Australia is an Australian Government employment service that aims to help you into work and help employers find the right employees for their business.