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Above are the services we offer, click on the links for more information on each area. Are you confused on whether you need Group Training, not sure what it is or is Labour Hire more suited to your needs? Read on:

Difference Between Group Training and Labour Hire

The concept of Group Training is uniquely Australian, developed in the 1980’s and provides a service of employment and training of apprentices and trainees to maintain a skilled workforce for Australia.

Group Training quite often supports apprenticeships and traineeships to youth and mature aged Australians who otherwise may not have the opportunity to train and become tradespersons.

Group Training Is Not Labour Hire!

It is very important to understand the difference because to confuse this creates a risk of denying the real value commitment of apprenticeships and traineeships.

The Differences

Group Training

Group Training employs and places apprentices and trainees with “Host Employers” as a legal requirement to secure on-the-job training as a formal feature of a legal indenture with a registered training plan. In the host employer’s workplace, the apprentice is engaged to be trained and supervised. Supervision is mandatory under Workplace Health and Safety legislation as well as the legitimate requirements of the Training Plan. Training under supervision is the key and the direct supervisor must be qualified and committed to this role.

Pastoral care and mentoring are also a significant ingredient in the overall service delivery of a group training environment.

Labour Hire

A labour hire company hires competent individuals who are already skilled or semi-skilled workers to a level required to complete designated tasks. As competent workers at a pre-determined skills level, they are not required to have training or a registered training plan to complete what they have been employed to do, nor are they required to be supervised in training for that purpose.

Another significant benefit of Group Training and apprentices and trainees placed with Host Employers is the enhanced responsibility of the Host Employer towards the safety and welfare development of those apprentices and trainees in the Host employers’ controlled workplace.

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