Employer Benefits of Group Training

Employer Benefits of Group Training

Why Group Training will work for you:

Group Training with ATC makes it simple.

We are the extra layer of support for you and your employee – we act as your own personal HR expert to handle all those tedious issues and problems!

We free you up so you can run your business!

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Employer Benefits of Group Training

No Fuss Training System – Our role is to make it easy for you to hire and train people for your industry in a simple, “No Fuss” fashion that is economically and financially attractive.

  • Quality Recruitment – We handle all the duty statements and advertisements. We’ve developed years of relationships with local schools; RTO’s and appropriate stakeholders to attract the best possible candidates.
  • Professional Selection – Our selection process includes: aptitude tests, career profiling, reference checks and interviews which are designed to identify diligent, motivated, career minded employees.
  • Hassle Free Administration – We employ the apprentice or trainee and carry out all administration, including:
    • Registration of Apprenticeship or Traineeship Agreements and associated government reporting requirements.
    • Wages, taxation, superannuation, workers’ compensation, annual leave, sick leave and long service leave (if applicable).
    • “Off Job” Training registration, progress and reports.
  • brunswick-electrical-serviceMonitoring and Counselling – We carry out regular visits to ensure apprentices and trainees are living up to their agreed obligations and to identify any areas of concern.
  • Assessment Assistance – Together we can properly assess the skill level of the apprentice or trainee and will assist you with Workplace Assessments.
  • OSH Support – We will assist you to make your workplace safe and meet safety compliance. We’ll help with safety audits, inductions, and provide ongoing advice and guidance.
  • Reduced Risk – Your apprentice is our employee. You have no risk in reference to long term commitment to the completion of the apprenticeship. If you run out of work we will take up the challenge to find a new placement for the apprentice to completion of their trade qualifications.
  • Flexible Hire Terms – Apprentices and trainees can be hired for varying lengths of time. However, a minimum of six months is expected for new apprentices.
  • When do you pay? – You don’t pay the hire fee when the apprentice is taking annual leave, sick leave/personal leave, public holidays or periods of workers’ compensation.
  • What do you pay? – You pay an hourly hire rate based
    on a 38 hour week plus any non costed penalties and allowances.
    The charge out rate covers your apprentice’s wages, taxation, workers’ compensation, and superannuation.

Group Training can be great for your business.

There are many employer benefits of group training for your new apprentice or trainee so contact your local Group Training office today and discuss your businesses requirements.

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