UEE30820 Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician

UEE30820 Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician

Course Overview

When you complete the Certificate III in Electrotechnology, you will begin your career as a qualified electrician. During your apprenticeship, you will learn the skills to interpret electrical drawings develop circuits, select, install and set up electrical components. You will also test, fault find, repair and maintain electrical systems.

This apprenticeship will help you will gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to work effectively in the electrical industry.

Course Duration and Information


The apprenticeship is completed over 4 years with off-site training in each of these years. The off-site training is completed at our ATC Skills Centre.

All participants must successfully undergo The Capstone Assessment Test as mandated by the Electrical Licensing Board.


ATC Skills Centre
Phone: (08) 9725 7911
Address: 9 Craigie Street, Davenport, WA 6230

Course Cost

Course and resources fees apply. Depending on age and concession cards, fees can vary.

Please contact us on (08) 9725 7911 for an accurate price for this course


Upon successful completion of the course you will receive;

  • Nationally Accredited Certificate

Units of Competency

UEECD0007 Apply work health and safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace
HLTAID009 Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation
UETDRRF004 Perform rescue from a live LV panel
UEERE0001 Apply environmentally and sustainable procedures in the energy sector
UEECD0046 Solve problems in single path circuits
UEECD0020 Fix and secure electrotechnology equipment
UEECD0019 Fabricate, assemble and dismantle utilities industry components
UEECD0051 Use drawings, diagrams, schedules, standards, codes and specifications
UEECD0044 Solve problems in multiple path circuits
UEEEL0019 Solve problems in direct current (d.c.) machines
UEEEL0021 Solve problems in magnetic and electromagnetic devices
UEEEL0023 Terminate cables, cords and accessories for low voltage circuits
UEECD0016 Document and apply measures to control WHS risks associated with electrotechnology work
UEEEL0020 Solve problems in low voltage a.c. circuits
UEEEL0024 Test and connect alternating current (a.c.) rotating machines
UEEEL0025 Test and connect transformers
UEEEL0047 Identify, shut down and restart systems with alternate supplies
UEEEL0008 Evaluate and modify low voltage heating equipment and controls
UEEEL0009 Evaluate and modify low voltage lighting circuits, equipment and controls
UEEEL0010 Evaluate and modify low voltage socket outlets circuits
UEEEL0003 Arrange circuits, control and protection for electrical installations
UEECO0023 Participate in electrical work and competency development activities
UEEEL0005 Develop and connect electrical control circuits
UEEEL0014 Isolate, test and troubleshoot low voltage electrical circuits
UEERA0059 Prepare and connect refrigerant tubing and fittings
UEEIC0013 Develop, enter and verify discrete control programs for programmable controllers
UEEEL0033 Conduct electrical tests on LV electrical machines
UEEEL0018 Select wiring systems and select cables for low voltage electrical installations
UEEEL0012 Install low voltage wiring, appliances, switchgear and associated accessories
UEEEL0039 Design, install and verify compliance and functionality of general electrical installations
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