3 Tips to get your resume noticed

3 Tips to get your resume noticed

Want to land a job? To get it, you must start with a great resume.

Too often, talented and intelligent job seekers write generic resumes that easily disappear into the pile of similar resumes. Your resume should never be a boring chronology but rather, something that showcase your distinctive skills and talents that make you the special person you are and which can be appealing to the employer’s eyes.

Create the right resume

To get your dream job, your best move is to design a resume that is as unique as your signature. It should highlight your unique skills in a professional way. Your resume should be unique yet attractive to employers. One look at it and employers will be drawn to your profile. Here are some tips on how to get your resume noticed.

Your resume must exhibit specific capabilities only you possess

Make sure your resume showcase your individual skills and abilities, revealing how you will an asset to their business. When written properly, your resume can get you to your first goal – win an interview.

Align your skills with the employers needs

Be specific with what you want in a job. Make sure you write the right keyword. Remember, employers are not the first to view your resume so if the correct keywords are not there, or your resume will not matter. Lists the key skills you have that is directly related to the job first. That way, your resume will be at the top of the pile. Don’t bury the important stuff or no one will ever find it.

Use the traditional resume format

It might be tempting to make your resume a bit flashy and creative to leave a good impression unless you are going for a design job, doing so will only confuse the employer. If the one reading your resume can’t find the necessary information quickly, your resume will go at the bottom of resume pile never to be seen again. Your resume needs to stand out but the stay within an easy read format.

Follow these tips and you’re at the right start. Good luck in your career search!

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